TABIS school student with sport flag

We have 4 School Houses- Amity, Bravery, Integrity & Sincerity, each represented by a colour and symbol. We organise events round the year, which ensure constant healthy competition along with a strong sense of pride, spirit, and allegiance amongst our students towards our School Houses.

TABIS School Bravery House Flag

Amity is a quality that everyone must possess. It leads to harmony and the creation of lasting bonds. Peace and friendship are what keeps people and nations united. The wreath is a symbol of this peace and friendship.

Being brave is a virtue that requires more strength of character than the strength of might. One must always strive to achieve the ability to face challenges with resilience and valour. The lion is a symbol of strength and bravery, rightfully holding his place as the king.

The crown symbolises power. Power without integrity is meaningless and yields no outcome. Using integrity and one’s inner power is imperative to stay on the right path, be true to ourselves, and live with honour and morality.

Sincerity is an unmatched human quality. It is what helps us build relationships and maintain relationships and live with genuine feelings, beliefs, and actions. Education must strive to impart these qualities to our learners. Hence the book is symbolic of this quality.


Head Boy of TABIS School Mumbai- Tanish Kochchar

Head Boy Tanish Kochchar

Head Girl of TABIS School Mumbai- Samya Avlani

Head Girl Samya Avlani

TABIS School Games Captain - Krishay Shah

Games Captain Krishay Shah

TABIS School Prefect Amity - Yavnaa Gupta

Prefect House of Amity Yavnaa Gupta

TABIS School Prefect Bravery Zainab Patrawala

Prefect House of Bravery Zainab Patrawala

TABIS School Prefect House of Integrity- Shasan Shah

Prefect House of Integrity Shasan Shah

TABIS School Prefect House of Sincerity Aryan Sansare

Prefect House of Sincerity Aryan Sansare


Head Boy Devansh Mehta

Head Girl Anmol Wale

The Aditya Birla Integrated School Prefect - Games Captian - Ishika Bhatia

Games Captain Ishika Bhatia

Prefect House of Amity Kaiser Kapadia

Prefect House of Bravery Mustafa Patrawala

Prefect House of Integrity Safiyah Shaikh

Prefect House of Sincerity Kanishk Joshi