Minds Matter - TABIS school for kids with learning disabilities

We understand that youth today are susceptible to mental health concerns. However, early intervention and prevention can have a significant positive impact on a young person’s prognosis. Keeping this in mind, our team has designed Minds Matter, the first school-based mental health curriculum in India. This curriculum is woven into the classroom timetable and incorporates mental health literacy, psychosocial intervention, and professional treatments, if required.

1. Supporting Mental Health Literacy at all grade levels
To create awareness, normalize mental health dialogues and eradicate stigma.

2. Incorporating Mental Health Professionals in the Classroom
To help build trust and create a larger interface with the student body.

3. Building a Safe Space
To facilitate sharing and encourage pro-social behavior amongst the learners.

4. Promoting Social, Emotional, and Psychological Well-being
To help build resilience and healthy coping mechanisms.

5. Encouraging Help Seeking Behaviours
Navigating learners to introspect and reach out.

6. Contributing to Early Prevention, Identification, and Intervention
To increase the likelihood of a good prognosis.

Core Elements are divided into a fundamental and behavioural component that describes an internal and external experience for the learner. They are essentially qualities and life skills that will benefit the learner and others around him.