Our son Shaunak has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has been at TABIS for 6 years of his 10.7 years. From a quiet child with less words he is now a confident, talkative boy. We owe a lot of this to TABIS! We have had the unique experience of having gone through all the three programs, the Early intervention, the Global, and now the Mainstream school. Each has been a fulfilling one. The Teaching staff go the extra mile for our children. Be it a reward charts or a social story, they are well aware of tackling any issue.

As parents to a differently abled child, we are well aware of the paucity of schools which can give a safe and inclusive learning experience.

Thanks to TABIS, we didn’t have to look far!

A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Marker who is always a comforting presence, Ms. Piya who is always there for us and to the entire Staff who take such amazing care of our children. We are eagerly looking forward to the coming years.