Hi, I am Gauri Menon. I joined The Aditya Birla Integrated School to complete my grades 11 and 12. I was a shy girl, not so confident, and didn’t like taking up responsibilities or being in-charge. The teachers at TABIS have a different approach when it comes to teaching. All the examples shared are realistic and relatable. The Junior College conducted various activities like debates where I participated for the first time. I was scared, but once I performed, I realized that it made me confident while speaking in front of audience. The school conducted camps every year which had team building activities not only for students but also for teachers. Being a House Captain, I enjoyed the power it gave me. I knew I wouldn’t be selfish and that I am the Head of my House during the Inter House Competition and the rest of the academic year. Joining this school was the best decision I made. Those two years of school helped me learn and look at things with a different perspective, which changed my life.