My daughter completed 3 years at TABIS this year. She joined the school in grade 6.

Shifting her out of the mainstream school and separating from her twin sister was one of the toughest decisions to make, and follow, for my daughter and me. It’s very difficult to explain to a 10 – 11-year-old child why she needs to be in a different school, away from her twin sister and friends. When Dr. Marker told me that my settling time with the school will be longer than my daughter’s, it was difficult to believe! I prepared myself for a difficult time handling my child (but I hoped it would not be as hard as trying to cope with everything, along with bullying students from the previous school). But Dr Marker was right! I can’t be thankful enough to God to help me take the decision!

TABIS is one of the BEST things that has happened to Divinaa. She learnt to smile again. She is a confident girl now and knows there is NOTHING wrong with her. TABIS has helped her realize her potential and capability. The entire team of TABIS is more like a family, not only to the students, but also to the parents. All the students at TABIS are treated with so much of love, care, affection, and personal attention that they are happier at the school than at home. This does NOT come with any compromise to academic requirement that will help our kids to merge with the mainstream education later in life.

Our children are fortunate that TABIS exists and even more fortunate to be a part of it. If God gives children who need more attention, he also makes schools and the team like TABIS.

My heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of this wonderful organization for their love, affection, care, guidance, and support to our kids.